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Thanks for participating, we will have more such opportunities to win soon!
Rules of the Contest
  • Livestream will be counted as a valid entry for the contest if it starts after 12:01 AM & ends before 11:59 PM on 15th August 2022 ONLY
  • To be eligible for the contest, the user has to live stream on Loco for at least 75 minutes of continuous streaming
  • Live streams which are pre-recorded or inactive will be considered null & void
  • Winners need to get their KYC done & have their emails updated on the Loco App to be eligible to claim their prize
Terms and Conditions-
  • The contest is only open to users who are residents of India
  • The total prize pool of the contest is INR 75000/- which will be distributed to winners as Amazon Pay Gift Cards
  • The Loco team will choose 10 winners. Each winner will be eligible to claim Amazon Pay Gift Card of upto INR 7500/-
  • More than 1 live stream can be eligible for the contest provided each stream is at least 75 minutes long
  • Results will be announced on 20th August 2022
  • Results will be announced on the Loco App & Loco’s social media handles
  • Winners of the contest will receive an intimation from the Loco team via email
  • The winners will receive their rewards before 31st August 2022
  • The Loco team will choose winners as per the quality of the live stream. Suggestions & recommendations to improve the quality of the stream are mentioned in the previous section
  • Loco’s decision on the winners will be considered final and binding, and the user agrees and acknowledges that he/she does not have the right to challenge the final decision of Loco on any grounds. The winners may be decided based on any parameters that are considered appropriate by Loco, and Loco shall not be under any obligation to disclose the parameters or criteria used in determination of winners to any user
  • This is a contest; by participating in it, the user confirms that they know that they are not guaranteed to win. Each user further acknowledges and agrees that they waive their rights to initiate any legal action against Loco which may result from their inability to win the contest
  • There may be KYC requirements for legal reasons for winners, and in order to receive their prizes, winners will have to comply with Loco’s terms and conditions in this matter
  • Loco specifically disclaims all liability arising from the user’s use or misuse of the reward and/or any inability of the user to claim or access the reward, and the user confirms and agrees that in case of any difficulties arising in accessing the reward or redeeming the reward, after the delivery of the reward to the user, by loco, the user shall not hold Loco liable in for such difficulty and shall not claim any direct or indirect damages arising to it, from Loco
  • Strict action will be taken against any individual found to be engaging in fraudulent activity to circumvent the conditions laid out above and determination of such fraudulent activity shall be in the sole discretion of Loco. Such users may be banned from the Loco platform and in addition, they may be subject to legal action as per Applicable Laws