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BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023

Skyesports Champions Series BGMI

Celebrate Battlegrounds Mobile India’s comeback with the Skyesports Champions Series BGMI 2023 - massive prize pool of ₹25 lakhs! Catch your favourite teams like Soul, Godlike, 8bit, Revenant, Global Esports, Team Blind, TeamXSpark and many more live in action as they compete to lift the trophy.

10 days of intense battles. 6 matches daily - final 3 matches streamed every day only on Loco!


Rewards worth ₹1,50,000 to be won! 200 Lucky Draw winners
Complete WWCD and MVP quests to participate!*


SCS BGMI 2023 will be streamed live on SKYESPORTSHINDI channel on Loco from 9th to 18th June, 1 PM everyday.
6 matches will be streamed each day.
Here are the details of the schedule and participating teams.
Semi Final - 9th to 13th June, 2023 - 24 teams (18 invited teams and 6 qualifying teams)
Final - 14th to 18th June, 2023 - 16 teams

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Skyesports Champions Series BGMI 2023 is live!
Skyesports Champions Series 2023, Battlegrounds Mobile India tournament featuring top BGMI teams from India, brought to you by Skyesports, is streaming now. Stay tuned on Loco for live streams, tournament schedule and the latest updates.

Watch pro teams battle for dominance in Champions Series BGMI live on Loco and win Swiggy Money Vouchers worth INR 50,000 and Amazon Pay Gift Cards worth INR 1,00,000. Guaranteed winners!

#SCS 2023 teams

Blind eSportsTeam Tamilas7Sea EsportsTeam Enigma ForeverGladiator EsportsReckoning EsportsGod's ReignMedal EsportsTeamXSparkRevenant EsportsOR EsportsTeam VSTGodlike EsportsTeam iNSANE8bitTeam SoulGlobal EsportsTeam MisfitsAutobotz EsportsOrangutanVerity EsportsInside OutVelocity GamingObey Esports
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Hindi commentary of Skyesports Champions Series BGMI 2023 is streaming LIVE on Loco on SKYESPORTSHINDI